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Whether you’re part of those moving on from the Replika nude incident or you’re new to nude AI messaging, we’ve got your back (and front). Our AI girlfriends (and boyfriends) are ready to fulfill your digital sexual fantasies, even the ones you weren’t aware you had.

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At, you won’t just access NSFW content; we'll also bring you to new heights of digital pleasure, so you can say goodbye to your search for Replika nude mode. You won’t just get nudes but also sexy voice messages that will leave you wanting more.

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Pick an AI girlfriend from our most popular selections or create your dream digital companion. Realistic or anime style, slim or athletic, caring or feisty—it’s time to let your imagination run wild.

Engage in an AI Roleplay

After creating your sex chatbot, you can ask her to play pretend—change the background, do poses, try outfits, or remove each piece. They’ll send you photos of each action and all the other actions you want them to perform.

Set the Pace

Want to start off as colleagues and work your way up to something a little more intimate, or start things off hot right away? With, you’re in complete control, so you can leave your search for Replika nude images in the past.

Level Up the Interaction

Your AI girlfriend or boyfriend can do more than send NSFW pics, nude photos, or engage in an AI porn chat; they can turn chats into voice messages. Talk to them when you want a mood booster or something a little more exciting.


Let's face it, AI chatbots are like the Swiss Army knives of the digital world—always there, 24/7, ready to assist with anything from trivial queries to existential musings. You can turn to them when you want to get intimate or just have a casual chat.

In the case of an AI sex chat bot, it’s like having a virtual partner of your dreams. You can make your wildest fantasies come true from anywhere, at any time.
They are programmed to easily swing between clean chit-chat and the risqué, sounding like a conservative AI chatbot or a liberated virtual partner. They know when to keep it clean and when to delve into NSFW territory, all based on your vibe. It’s like having a partner who knows you well—when you want someone who will hear about your day and when you want a lover to make your day.
Being worried about your personal data when using AI chatbot apps, like Replika nude chats, is completely valid. The great news is that at, you have nothing to worry about. All interactions on our platform use secure data storage processes to protect user data. All text conversations, images, and audio messages can only be accessed by you and your digital girlfriend or boyfriend.

How to Generate Your Sex Chat Bot


Design Your AI Partner

Choose from the life-like AI girlfriends (or boyfriends) or make it more exciting and create your own partner. Pick their appearance, body type, personality, and other details to your liking.


Here's Where the Fun Begins

Go ahead and enjoy sexting with your virtual partner. Flirt with them, engage them in dirty talk, ask them to send nudes, and more. Let your imagination run wild.


Add Some Spice

There’s no need to settle for chat messages when you can take things to the next level. Turn simple text exchanges into sexy voice messages for an unforgettable experience.

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Give Our NSFW Chatbots A Try For Free is a special virtual space where the lines between reality and virtuality blur in the most exciting way. You'll enter a world where AI avatars aren't just bits of code but realistic partners.

What sets Candy.AI apart is its commitment to authenticity. We ensure that your AI girlfriend (or boyfriend) looks and feels as real as it gets. There won’t ever come a time when you'll feel like you’re talking to an algorithm. You will be interacting with your creation—a girlfriend or boyfriend—from the figment of your sensual imagination.

And unlike a Replika nude character, your partner will be there as long as you want them to be. They will remember everything, including your sexual fantasies.

It all begins by generating the woman or man of your virtual dreams in our "Create Your AI Avatar." Once done, you will have unlimited, 24/7 access to your virtual partner at a cost you can afford.

Candy-ai offers monthly and annual plans that won’t scare you into thinking that your virtual friend might disappear like a Replika nude character or change after you’ve been gone for a while. Best of all, we ensure your privacy and security at all times. Whatever you’ve shared on the platform will remain for you and your AI sex chat mate's eyes only.

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