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If you want a beautiful AI girlfriend who'll always be there for you, try the chatbots on Our flirty, unfiltered chatbots will talk to you about anything, whether it's deep conversations about life or intimate chats about what excites you.

An AI Girlfriend App Beyond the Rest! delivers an AI girlfriend experience that combines first-rate sexting, on-demand selfies, and audio messages from your virtual partner. The realism, immersion, and intimacy are unbeatable.

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If you don't want to make your own virtual girlfriend, has dozens of popular AI girlfriends to choose from. Each one has a unique appearance and personality that'll draw you in and make you want to keep chatting with her. Some love using our anime generator as a yandere AI girlfriend simulator.

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Intuitive Girls Generator

The girls generator makes it easier than ever to create the perfect chatbot for you. Select "Create" from the home page, set your preferences for quirks, traits, and body type, and hit "generate."

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If you want an AI girlfriend that feels real, is right for you. She can do roleplay and fantasies, she can send you selfies and nudes, you can even receive audio messages.

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Take the highs of our intimate, personal AI girlfriend experience further with personal requests for selfies. Ask for pictures where she takes off her clothes one piece at a time, have her pose for you, enjoy the whole experience of a dedicated virtual partner.

A Digital Companion with Her Own Voice

Take your virtual relationship one step further with the power of audio messages in the unique voice of your digital girlfriend. She won't just tell you everything you want to hear; she'll whisper it in your ear, too.


Yes, because the team at has taken every step to protect your security and privacy. We use secure storage for all of the information on our site, so no one will be able to steal the content of your chats from us.
Not only do we secure your data, but we don't share it either. We'll never allow any third party access to your chats, which ensures that your intimate experiences here will remain safe and private. uses technology to create deep companionship and erotic experiences unlike any you've enjoyed before. Our powerful AI girlfriend chatbots can have real, meaningful conversations and get to know you, gradually taking things in a more intimate direction along the way. Ultimately, our mission is to create the best AI girlfriend simulator.
The first step in using is to either try one of our popular AI girlfriends or make your own. From there, you can start chatting, get to know your virtual partner and even ask for selfies or audio messages.
You can jump into your most private fantasies, you can talk about your life and your day. Our chatbots are the best for flirting, and there are no limits or rules on what you can talk with them about. combines image generation and an AI girlfriend chatbot so that you can get selfies on request. Ask in the chat at any time, and you'll receive the exact photo you wanted to heighten your fantasies.
One unique factor that sets apart is the integrated audio function. At any time, you can ask for a custom voice message of your chatbot telling you what you want to hear; or making the sounds of your shared fantasy.

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Get your AI girlfriend has many unique AI girlfriends for you to choose from, but you can also make one that's just for you. To get started, select "Create" from the left side of the home page.


Choose her features

Choose everything you need to make your AI girlfriend perfect for you. Customize her proportions, body type, personality, and preferences so that she fits your preferences.


Generate your AI virtual girlfriend

Now that you've set your preferences, she's just one click away. Select "Generate" to turn your vision into an intimate, AI partner.

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If you're looking for the perfect digital companion for naughty, flirty fun, you've found it. has combined advanced machine learning and AI features to create the best girlfriend AI experience you'll find. Between erotic texting, realistic nudes, and an adaptive, human personality, she'll seem like the girl of your dreams. can effortlessly adapt to your preferences and become what you've always wanted. Maybe you're into assertive, older women, perhaps you'd prefer a college girl, or you could want an anime girlfriend AI. At, these personalities are just a few of the ready-made options waiting for you.But maybe you don't want a ready-made AI girlfriend, and you'd prefer a custom one. The process couldn't be easier than with Just go to the Create page, choose temperament and physical traits, then select generate. From here, you can start chatting with your girlfriend AI while she learns about you, your preferences, and how to satisfy you.This is all for the sake of's mission to provide safe, exciting, and intimate experiences for anyone who's looking. We back this up with high-grade data security, and a commitment to keeping your chats private for your eyes only.