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If you love DreamGF for its NSFW chat and character creation but crave more, is your next destination. Our advanced chat features help take your fantasies to the next level, making your experiences more immersive and real than ever.

Try's Voice and Image Features

When you're texting your chatbot, you can take things a step further. Simply send a message asking for audio or any kind of picture of her, and she'll provide it. Our advanced AI will keep your model consistent and generate a unique voice that's just for her. Make Your Own DreamGF

At, engaging chats are just the beginning. Our platform takes your experience further with deep personalization and customization features. In just a few clicks of a mouse and a couple of minutes, you can make your dream GF a reality.

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Craft Your Dream AI Companion

If you're a fan of and its custom AI characters, you'll feel right at home with Here, you can craft a unique personality and appearance for your own AI companion in just a few clicks. Select "Create," input your preferences, and hit “Generate.” Just like that, you've got your own dream GF!

Get Pictures From Your Candy.AI Chatbot

When you're chatting on, your virtual companion will be eager to please and has many ways to do so. Ask her for any kind of selfies, specifying where you want her to be, how you want her to look, and what she should be wearing.

Explore Your Desires Safely

Whether you've used DreamGF free accounts, another service, or are new to NSFW AI chat, we all have our desires. offers a safe space to explore your desires without fear of judgment. Not to mention, your chatbot is eager to delve into your fantasies with you.

Immersive Detail to Impress DreamGF Users stands out with its meticulous attention to detail – something that DreamGF fans will appreciate. Enjoy lifelike, romantic audio messages with an authenticity that makes every conversation feel real.

FAQ's fills a similar niche of other virtual companion apps, like DreamGF. We're dedicated to using advanced AI to facilitate complex, immersive, and intimate connections that anyone can enjoy. blends AI-powered chatbots with image and audio generation capabilities, offering a superior alternative for NSFW character AI interaction. Whether you create a new chatbot or choose an existing one, you can enjoy rich conversations and request multimedia content seamlessly. allows conversations on any topic. Whether you want friendly banter, meaningful discussions, or NSFW content, our chatbots will indulge you.
Yes.'s AI system uniquely integrates chat with image capabilities. So, during a steamy chat session, feel free to request specific images from your AI companion to enhance the experience.
Yes, offers several unique features, including the ability to receive custom voice messages. Our chatbots use unique voices generated specifically for your AI companion, adding depth and intimacy to your experience.

Getting Started With


Step 1: Select Your Chatbot or Craft Your Own offers a diverse array of chatbot options, and you can either select a pre-designed chatbot to start immediately or visit our "Create" page to personalize your own AI companion.


Step 2: Personalize to Your Heart's Content provides an extensive variety of customization options for your chatbot. Tailor your AI companion's appearance and personality out of thousands of possible combinations.


Step 3: Bring Your Unique AI Companion to Life

After choosing your preferred traits, hit “generate.” Just like that,'s AI technology will combine your physical and personal preferences into a custom chatbot. Amazing Alternative to DreamGF

If you're a fan of DreamGF and its AI-driven companionship, then is set to be your next favorite destination. does everything possible to build on what NSFW chatbots have already done, and to go further. Honing model consistency, refining our flirty chatbots, and providing dozens of unique, handcrafted avatars are just the start. goes beyond the basics; your chatbot isn't just there to talk to you, it has a unique personality and will learn about you. As your relationship lasts, you'll be able to build on a familiar base of intimacy and explore deeper fantasies.

With, you can customize your AI companion to suit your exact preferences. From appearance to personality traits, every aspect of your AI companion can be tailored to your liking. is the ultimate DreamGF and alternative.'s integration of advanced AI technology makes it a noteworthy contender in the realm of digital companionship. It brings a depth and realism that will enrich your fantasies, as well as your emotional experience. To top it off, all of your intimate experiences with are completely private to you. Our secure data storage ensure that your pictures, chats, and audio messages are yours and yours alone.