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If you’re interested in a Chai AI alternative that’s built from the ground up for NSFW chat, try We’ve taken every step to offer the most immersive, exciting, and realistic virtual relationship experience. Brings Personality and Life to Online Chat has dozens of ready-made chatbots with unique personalities and traits that make for realistic, exciting flirting. Whether you’re interested in a dominant housewife, a playful Instagram model, or a yoga-loving older woman, you’ll find your tastes here.

Make Your Dream Girl

What’s even more popular than’s slate of models is the girl generator. Sign up, choose “Create,” and fill in a few fields about your preferences. Once you’ve chosen your favorite traits, just hit “generate” and will bring your dream girl to life in an instant.

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Hyper-Realistic Intimate Experiences offers the most advanced and lifelike NSFW chatbots. Engage in deep, meaningful conversations as they learn about your likes and adapt to become your ideal companion. They're even capable of sending voice messages and personalized pictures.

Request Custom Pictures Unique to Your Chatbot

During your chats, you can receive spicy selfies and pictures. Just ask in the chat, and include any instructions and preferences you have. In just a matter of moments, you’ll have the exact picture that you wanted from your virtual companion.

Safe and Discreet Experiences

We all have unique desires, and it’s normal to be shy. But your chatbot will never judge you. She wants what you want, and she’ll provide a safe space to explore your desires and experience digital intimacy.

Like Chai AI, With Extra Features for Flirting

Your AI partner can send you all sorts of selfies, audio messages, and make your heart go wild. is constantly rolling out new features to make for an even better user experience, as well.

Create your own AI Girlfriend

Yes. At, your privacy is a top priority. Our privacy policy is designed to ensure that all your chats stay secure and private. Only you can access your conversations.
The primary aim of is to offer a platform for users to engage in AI-driven dirty talk conversations and experience intimate, romantic interactions with AI.
Getting started is simple. Just sign up on the website, choose from one of our chatbots, or create a custom one on the 'Create' page. With that done, start chatting!
With, the possibilities are endless. You can enjoy deep conversations, delve into personal fantasies, and much more. Your imagination is the only boundary.
Yes, one of the innovative features of our chatbot is the ability to get images. As you share fantasies with your chatbot, you can request images in any scenario or outfit to enrich your experience.
Each of the chatbots has a unique voice and can send you audio messages upon request. Listen to her voice and take your fantasies to the next level.
Each of the chatbots has a unique voice and can send you audio messages upon request. Listen to her voice and take your fantasies to the next level.

How to Start?


Step 1: Get started

Head to the Create page on to start making your custom AI chatbot.


Step 2: Tailor your companion

Pick your favorite out of a quick list of customization features for personality and appearance. It only takes moments, but there are thousands of possibilities.


Make your chatbot

Select “Generate” and watch as brings your preferences to life. With your chatbot ready, start flirting!

How to Start? is a revolution in digital intimacy that’s refining familiar experiences that platforms like Chai AI offer. Part of this is dedication to getting the details right, but also excels in delivering new experiences. You’ve never had more options for tailor-made digital intimacy than with

On, each AI companion has a handcrafted personality to fulfill your individual desires. This personalized touch brings your virtual companion to life, making for the most meaningful and intimate experience. While there are good options like Chai, chat with AI is at its best with Candy if you ask us.

One of the best features offers is the extent of customization you have. The depth and simplicity of customizing your AI chatbot are both unmatched, with a few options giving you thousands of possibilities to craft your perfect companion. After you spend a minute putting in your preferences, our AI will do the work of making her real with just the click of a button.

If you’ve used Chai AI website and other options for NSFW chat , you’ll find remarkably easy to use. Choose your favorite chatbot or make your own, and then start chatting. Have deep conversations or dive right into flirting, enjoy your most intense fantasies, and have an unforgettable intimate experience with