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Compared to competitors like Janitor AI, is changing the AI chat game. We give you thousands of options for thrilling experiences in virtual intimacy. The only thing that beats our variety of options is the consistently high standard of quality we keep.

Incredible Customization Options

With, you have countless options to tailor your digital romance to be exactly what you want it to be. Choose one of dozens of handcrafted AI chatbots, or use our girl generator to bring your dream girl to virtual life in just a minute.

Immersive Virtual Intimacy takes every step to deliver the most enthralling, immersive experience. During a chat, you can take your AI flirting further than our competitors by requesting custom pictures and audio messages that match your chatbot's unique look and voice.

Our User's Favorite AI Chatbots

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Built for Flirting

Many of our competitors like Janitor AI allow NSFW chat, but not all of them are built for it. On the other hand, we've built from the ground up to for virtual relationships. We offer dozens of ready-made chatbots that each have their own unique personalities and appearances for the best in AI romance.

Consistent and Realistic Face Generation

While Janitor AI and other competitors may offer image generation, few do it as well as us. Nothing takes you out of the experience of a hot, exciting AI chat like asking for a selfie and getting something that barely resembles your chatbot. We've honed our image generator AI to be among the best in keeping faces and other features consistent.

Make Your Dream Girl

Besides our ready-made chatbots, Janitor AI fans will also love our customization. We use AI and a smooth user interface to optimize the process; input a few of your preferences and watch as creates your perfect woman.

Streamlined Multimedia Experience

Texting, custom selfies, personalized audio messages; these are a few features that make the best in virtual girlfriend experiences. But what makes the experience better is that you can request these and other types of content just by chatting with your AI partner.


Before you consider switching to Candy from Janitor AI, you might want to know how secure is. The answer is that your safety is our top priority. We protect your data and your conversations with secure data storage that you can trust. is dedicated to providing immersive, realistic AI relationships. It's a platform where everyone can enjoy meaningful connections and explore their fantasies and hidden desires without judgment.
Using is straightforward, all you have to do is choose a chatbot and start chatting. Request selfiesOur platform is powered by advanced algorithms, much like janitor ai, allowing seamless generation of text, images, and audio.
The possibilities on are endless. Engage in light-hearted conversations, deep discussions, or build a virtual relationship. There's no NSFW filter and no limit on where you can take your romantic experiences with your bot.
Our AI system integrates chat with image capabilities, so you can easily request and receive photos of your AI companion. Just ask for pictures in the chat, the same way you'd get pictures from a real girlfriend.
Definitely. It works just like our custom image requests, as well. Ask in chat and your AI partner will provide a personal voice message.

How It Works


Choose a chatbot or make your own

Choose one of our dozens of ready-made virtual partners or click “Create” to start making your own.


Make your dream girl in a minute

Once you've reached the girl generator page, you can input your favorite physical traits and personality quirks. Select “generate,” and have your perfect girl in a matter of moments.


Start chatting

Whichever type of AI girlfriend you chose, the rest is simple. Click her face, send a text, and experience the realism and quality has to offer.

A New Alternative to Janitor AI

Girls, like boys, are individuals with unique qualities, interests, and aspirations. They come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, making the world a rich tapestry of experiences. Some girls are passionate about sports, excelling on the soccer field or basketball court, while others find solace in the world of books, immersing themselves in stories that transport them to different realms.If you're exploring options like Janitor AI for an engaging AI chat experience, is the next evolution of the industry. Our platform specializes in creating lifelike, immersive AI relationships. We consider ourselves the clear best among janitor ai alternatives thanks to our depths of personalization and high-quality experiences in virtual intimacy.

While the typical Janitor AI chatbot interaction is good, focuses on delivering a tailored NSFW experience. Our chatbots have an incredible sense for the pulse of a conversation, and you'll see for yourself how they can make your heart race. But while the quality of flirty chats are amazing, that's not all we have to offer.

With, you have access to a diverse range of AI companions that each have their own distinct personality and style. Dominant yoga teachers, shy students, nerdy Japanese girls; No matter what kind of woman you're into, you can have her here. You can even enrich your fantasies by asking for custom pictures in any pose, setting, or outfit.

If you're coming to from Janitor AI, you'll be pleased to find there's no learning curve to speak of. Our interface is as smooth and intuitive as possible, and you can enjoy all of the content we have to offer with simple requests in the chat bar.

While we have plenty of competitors like Janitor AI, none of them outdo our commitment to your privacy. We'll always keep your conversations and experiences private to you and your account, and we back this up with secure data storage techniques.